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Women’s Shoes – The Obsession

One of every woman’s worst nightmares would be this- to wake up on a sunny crisp morning, looking forward to a fresh start, getting ready to take on the world right from that perfect dress to the absolutely matching shade of lipstick. She then turns around to find out she does not have the right pair of shoes to go with it. Yes. That’s one of the scariest things that could happen to a woman.

You think shoes are overrated in a woman’s world? Absolutely not. In fact with all the attention being given to clothes and make up and bags, shoes happen to be silent single contributor to making the biggest difference to a woman’s personality. Shoes can turn around look of an entire dress. Same sleek a ling knee length dress can look casual with a pair of sandals, seeming perfect for a casual day out. Kampanye di media sosial
Lose the sandals and wear four inch stilettos with it and you have transformed the dress into an outfit for a party. Don’t believe it? Ask any woman and she would verify. Maybe that’s why a woman’s world knows of importance of correct pair of shoes. Why else do you think every woman has or dreams to have at least as many pairs as the number of her clothes?

The fact today is that women’s shoes are no longer just an accessory. It’s kind of amazing how shoes have come from being just something to protect your feet to being such an essential part of attire today. But they have and will continue to be. Shoes can change the whole perception of an outfit, a fact most women understand a bit too well. So their obsession for shoes is more of a radical reaction to a daily need. Well, at least that’s how every woman justifies every new pair of footwear she spends her money on. It is certainly true.

Each single pair of a woman’s shoe collection serves a different purpose. There are sandals for the Sundays’ park visits. Shape on’s are for that visit to the supermarket when all you need is something that is comfortable and allows you walk through aisles, push that heavy cart and prevent you from having to squirm uncomfortably at thought of running into someone familiar because your shoes look preposterous to you.

There are formal foot wears for work and official outings that add that sense of purpose and to-the-business approach to a woman’s demeanor and stilettos that get a woman all set for that fun night out with friends. And there are tones of other shoes that serve these purposes in one way or the other. Well they make their owner happy in any case. So that’s a purpose alright.

When it comes to women’s shoes, they can never get enough. So it’s about time everyone just made peace with the fact that shoes are an important part of the lifestyle today. They are part of the dress a woman wears, pat of the aura she carries and the vibes she radiates. They make her personality. In one single line- a woman’ shoes define who she is.

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