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Jeff Bezos Wore a Cowboy Hat to Area

Greetings from the uncanny valley, the place billionaires conduct a modern-day house race within the midst of a hurtling local weather disaster and world pandemic whereas carrying, naturally, westernwear.

At the moment, billionaire Amazon founder Jeff Bezos turned an area cowboy, launching himself simply outdoors Earth’s environment for 10 minutes whereas carrying a cowboy hat and boots. To place it very plainly: this was a weird uniform for a brand new type of ultimate frontier.

Bezos unveiled his agency Blue Origin’s uniforms a number of days forward of its inaugural human flight to the sting of outer house, posing alongside a three-person crew comprising his youthful brother Mark Bezos, astronautical pioneer Wally Funk, and 18-year-old Dutch physics scholar Oliver Daemen. Within the pictures, the foursome pose of their cobalt-blue coverall house fits, which the elder Bezos paired with a taupe cowboy hat and matching boots. In post-launch footage of the Blue Origin touching again down earthside as we speak, it seems that Jeff wore the identical outfit configuration in house.

We might by no means know what compelled this specific sartorial selection by Bezos, who doesn’t usually put on any type of westernwear. Is it a reference to a brand new period of house as an American frontier, a Wild West of the heavens? Or maybe an homage to the west Texas desert, the place the launch happened? Both approach, the hat and boots really feel like a wierd enchantment to the American everyman, which by nearly all measures, monetary and in any other case, Bezos just isn’t. The incongruity does lend itself properly, nevertheless, to a common air of out-of-touch villany.

Bezos’s brief stint to the Kármán line, which delineates Earth’s environment from outer house, comes simply 9 days after fellow billionaire and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson additionally launched into house for a 1.5-hour mission. Branson’s crew’s uniforms, whereas an identical shade of blue, felt slightly bit extra Tron, that includes gold inset thigh panels and matching grippy boots that might be, in a special context, perhaps type of sick. Now that Branson has congratulated Bezos on Blue Origin’s profitable launch, perhaps they will come collectively to resolve on some new spacesuit colorways. It may, after all, be worse: they might be carrying the SpaceX go well with.

Richard Branson celebrates his house mission in one thing like type.


As astronomer Carl Sagan wrote in his 1994 e book, Pale Blue Dot, “Our planet is a lonely speck within the nice enveloping cosmic darkish. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no such thing as a trace that assistance will come from elsewhere to save lots of us from ourselves.” Within the meantime, the least the billionaires can do is sew slightly self-awareness into their extraneous-space-mission uniforms.

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