The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711: The Most Coveted Watch in the World Is Going Out of Production

With Patek Philippe’s Nautilus 5711 watch, the Swiss brand managed to do what every enterprise on earth dreams of: make a product that everyone wanted. The model—a shapely steel watch with a dark-blue dial and simple date function—was so coveted by collectors that the wait time to get one was rumored to be up to 10 years. So what did Patek Philippe do? Increase production of the $33,710 watch to balloon its profit margins? Create special editions of the piece to sell an even wider variety? No. Instead, the brand is doing the unthinkable and discontinuing the 5711 altogether.

The news, first reported by Hodinkee and confirmed by Patek Philippe representatives to GQ, comes as a massive shock. It’s as if McDonald’s decided to stop making the Big Mac, or Jordan decided to never again release the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1s. Grinding production to a halt to increase a

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